Silencio Takes Over the Cannes Film Festival with Nightly Celebrations

Silencio, the renowned club curated by David Lynch, is making its presence felt at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, adding a touch of elegance and excitement to the Croisette nights. With its signature minimalism and a selection of surprising and avant-garde programming, Silencio has become a sought-after destination for cinephiles and creative minds alike.

Establishing strong ties with the world of cinema since its inception, Silencio has hosted exclusive premieres, film screenings, and welcomed acclaimed filmmakers throughout the year in Paris and on the French Riviera. Now, at the Cannes Film Festival, Silencio brings together the luminaries who embody its avant-garde spirit, transcending boundaries from one medium to another, from the silver screen to the dancefloor.

Each night, starting from 11 PM, Silencio invites you to join the festive and creative nights on the dancefloor. Renowned DJs and musicians will take the stage, delivering feverish and cinematic DJ sets. Among the talented artists gracing the turntables are Chloé Thévenin, the composer of Thomas Salvador’s “La Montagne,” Para One, the favorite composer of Céline Schiamma, the intrepid Jennhy Beth from Justine Triet’s “Anatomie d’une chute,” and Irène Dresel, the first woman to win the César for Best Original Music in 2023. The legendary Cut Killer, the sonic imprint of “La Haine,” Claire Laffut, who portrays Loulou de la Falaise in the much-anticipated series “Kaiser Karl,” and DJ Parfait, co-writer of Catherine Corsini’s latest film in official competition, will also be behind the decks.

Silencio Paris, established in 2011 by David Lynch, quickly became a sought-after club, attracting creatives from around the world. Drawing inspiration from the salons and literary circles of 17th-century Paris, the London clubs of the 18th century, the Dadaists at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, and the existentialists at Tabou in Saint-Germain des Prés, Silencio carries the torch of cultural landmarks such as Le Palace in Paris and Studio 54 in New York.

Don’t miss the exceptional lineup at Silencio during the Cannes Film Festival:

Wednesday, May 17: Dactylo, Parfait, Urumi Thursday, May 18: Daniel Weil, Polocorp, Wolfram Friday, May 19: Cut Killer, So Me Saturday, May 20: Corine, Simone de Kunovich, The Magician Sunday, May 21: Gaspard Augé (Justice), Irène Dresel, Jehnny Beth (& Erex, Johnny Hostile, Malvina Meinier), Lukas Ionesco Monday, May 22: Chloé, Fabrice Dayan, Nathalie Duchêne, Para One Tuesday, May 23: Broodoo Ramses, Crystal Murray, La Femme, Sam Quealy Wednesday, May 24: Anja Sugar

Article written by Nizzar H.

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